George had been the lifeblood of ROSY since becoming Secretary and Chairman in the early 2000s, making an astonishing contribution to our families and team whose lives he touched over the past two decades.

Prior to his involvement with ROSY, George lived a full and active life in the police service, 35 years in Thames Valley followed by 10 years as Chief Constable in County Durham. Foregoing the chance of a quiet retirement, he embraced ROSY full time, injecting new energy and ideas, initiating coffee mornings, curry nights, summer parties, Christmas parties, counselling and much, much more.

George’s tireless efforts speaking in schools, clubs and institutes kept ROSY on the agenda, allowing us to employ more nurses, to offer counselling when the NHS was not able to do so and provide additional equipment to our families.

It was a great privilege it is to have known and worked with George. He set a shining example to all who knew him, he was good to the core of his soul, caring deeply about every single person he knew. He will be sorely missed.