Henry Boyles from Epwell, Oxfordshire has excelled this winter on his fundraising crusade in support of ROSY!

At aged 8, he has demonstrated that kindness, creativity and generosity knows no bounds.

Henry has a passion for photography, particularly nature. He enjoys being immersed in the natural world, taking photos of insects, plants, sunsets, silhouettes and shadows. This year, with the help of his Mum and Dad, he has assembled a collection of his beautiful photographs into a calendar which he has sold to friends and family, raising a fantastic £930 to go directly to supporting our families and young people.

Not only is Henry a testament to talent and ingenuity, he has also proven his thoughtfulness and good will in his second fundraising strategy. Henry decided at the beginning of December that instead of receiving the usual gifts at Christmas he would prefer family and friends to donate directly to ROSY. A Christmas fundraising page was set up and this raised an incredible £570, in addition to the proceeds from his calendar.

ROSY is a charity very close to the heart of Henry and his family, following his late brother Oliver’s diagnosis of cancer and subsequent care and support in 2018/2019. As a result of Oliver’s illness he required the use of a wheelchair; the ROSY nurses were able to help the Boyles family to navigate Oliver’s care, adapt to changes in day to day life and provide Oliver and the family with the warmth and understanding that was vital at that time.

Henry and the Boyles family plan to continue raising funds for ROSY.

We at ROSY wish to extend our deepest gratitude to Henry and his family for their hardwork and dedication to ROSY.