Greenford Ltd is a Civil engineering and contruction company based in Wheatley, Oxfordshire. In their recent letter to ROSY they said this: 

Our Head Office is in Wheatley, Oxfordshire and as an independent business was always try and lend a hand to endeavours which contribute to and better our shared local community. Over the years we have heard wonderful things about ROSY and are touched by the service your organisation provides in caring for sick children and their families, providing leisure facilities for the children and essential respite for their families.

Each year we at Greenford Ltd forgo the customary purchase and distribution of Christmas cards and instead choose to donate the amount saved to a deserving cause. With this in mind, we would like to make our Christmas donation this year to ROSY and included with this letter is a cheque for £174.62

Thank you all the Greenford for your thoughtfulness and generosity, thank you for choosing us. It means so much to all our families who know they are not on their own.