See the latest ROSY news from our volunteers and supporters.

Knit & Natter raise money for ROSY

The Bloxham Knit and Natter group held a sale of their work at the Bloxham Fayre on the 10th June. They had a fantastic array of clothes, toys and other articles and raised the wonderful sum of £200 for ROSY. They also donated the articles not sold for our market stall. Thank you to Kenis Baker…

Thank you to Mark Powell Mechanical Services LTD

 Staff at Mark Powell Mechanical Services Ltd have a monthly charitable giving scheme and ROSY was nominated to benefit in June. We received a cheque from the staff for £50. Thank you all so much for thinking of us and our ROSY families.

Speaker Donates his Fee to ROSY

Mr Tony Andrews was the speaker at the Kidlington Gardening Society in May and asked that his fee of £50 be given to a local Children’s Charity. We are delighted to record that the society chose us. Thank you all so much for your support.

Steeple Aston Village shop makes donation to ROSY

The Post Office and Shop at Steeple Aston hosts one of our collecting tins, and have done so for many years, arranged by our founder Beverley WILSON. A further £21.66 has recently been paid into our bank by Beverley, Thank you all in Steeple Aston for your generosity.

“Rigoletto” at Melhuish Farm in aid of ROSY

We reported earlier in the year that the opera “Rigoletto” at Melhuish Farm, Didcot this year would be for the benefit of ROSY. A big thank you to Mr and Mrs Vacher for all their hard work in putting on this event. I know from many that attended the event that it was a fantastic…

National Association of Retired Police Officers make kind donation

The National Association of Retired Police Officers, an organisation of which the ROSY Secretary is a proud member, have always taken a keen interest in the work of ROSY and have helped us financially in the past. They recently sent us a further donation of £500. Thank you all so much, your support is greatly…

Unfailing support from The Community of St John The Baptist

THE COMMUNITYOF ST JOHN BAPTIST AT Rippon College, Cuddesdon are great supporters of ROSY and in fact sponsor a nurse for us. They recently sent us £1,250 to help us in our tasks. Thank you all so much, your unfailing support is a great inspiration to us all and a great boost to our families.

Open Gardens donate to ROSY

A big thank you to Barry Stayte and all the residents of Galley Fields in Abingdon who open their gardens each year for charity. Part of the money raised this year was allocated to ROSY and we received a cheque for £147. Absolutely wonderful!

Thank you to Juliet Dunsmore

 Mrs Juliet Dunsmore recently held an event in her garden for the benefit of ROSY. It was a massive surprise to be presented with the fantastic sum of £1,091.00.  Thank you so much for supporting us, we cannot believe the love that pours out to our ROSY families from kind members of the public.

Kind generation from Immunocore

IMMUNOCORE, a company on the Milton Trading Estate recently sent the following note to ROSY, with a cheque for £480.50   “ We really hope our donation will help support all of the amazing activities you co-ordinate at ROSY. We’d love to hear back from you so please do get in touch. All the best.”…