Three year plan

Over the next three years we aim to consolidate finances for our 10 nurses, (3 full -time and seven part-time) to meet the immediate respite needs of our children and their families (currently 72). If further finance becomes available we want to provide some night-time cover, an area in extreme need. In addition to those we currently help, we have identified a further 150 or so families in Oxfordshire with critically ill children at home who would benefit from respite nursing but whose children don’t quite meet the extremely rigorous criteria necessarily imposed in deciding who is eligible for respite care.

We also need to provide funds for the purchase of medical and specialist sensory equipment and toys; the budget for the intended number of nurses is approaching £300,000 per annum. However in view of the difficulty in employing and retaining such skilled carers we have carefully matched our funds to meet the immediate needs and have an immediate target of fully funding ten nurses for a minimum period of three years, plus their associated equipment.

  • 10 Nurses £210k (3 full time + 7 part time)
  • Equipment £20k
  • Miscellaneous Services £5k
  • Contingency for Emergency Service £5k

Total running costs for ROSY of £250k per annum

None of the ROSY Committee receives a salary or expenses for the work they carry out on behalf of ROSY.

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Misc Services


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Respite for Oxfordshire's Sick Youngsters

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