See the latest ROSY news from our volunteers and supporters.

McMaster House in Headington

Many of the residents at McMaster House in Headington have been great friends to ROSY over the years and recently held a fundraising week for us. Events ranged from daily coffee mornings, a “bangers and mash” lunch and special coffee morning on the Saturday involving a bring and buy sale, a raffle and an auction….

The British Art Portfolio

We reported that the British Art Portfolio were holding an art exhibition in Charlbury in early October and were supporting ROSY at that exhibition. We are delighted to report that we received £1,115.00 from the exhibition. A big thank you to Louise Newton and Amanda Lowther who organised the exhibition and did all they could…

Felicity Zeigler from Burford

Felicity Zeigler from Burford held a sale of her art work recently and raised the fantastic sum of £324. Thank you Felicity for your efforts – we really appreciate all you did for us. We have received great support from the people of Burford over the years and we are delighted that we are deemed…

The Marlborough Lodge of Freemasons

The Marlborough Lodge of Freemasons recently made a fantastic gift to ROSY of £460. We would place on record our thanks to the Worshipful Master, Barclay Lawrence and all his members for their generosity.

Louise Austin School of Dancing

Louise Austin School of Dancing recently received some costumes from one of our great supporters Vanessa James. Vanessa asked that a donation be made to ROSY for the costumes, a wonderful gesture. Thank you all.

Lime Walk Methodist Church

Lime Walk Methodist Church has recently donated £1000 to aid the work of ROSY. This is a wonderful gift but all the more amazing when one realises that the Church had to find many hundreds of pounds to address the problems they had with dry rot in the Church. Their commitment to the community in…

The Sezincote Jazz Evening

We reported earlier this year that a charity Jazz evening was being held at Sezincote House in Goucestershire and that ROSY was to be one of the beneficiaries. It was a fantastic evening held in the gardens of this beautiful house. We are delighted to report that ROSY received a fantastic sum of £5,392.46p from…

Community of St John Baptist

Community of St John Baptist at Rippon College, Cuddesdon have been supporters of ROSY in the past and recently donated a further £1000 to aid our work. A big thank you to the Reverand Peter Viney and all the community we are honoured that we are deemed worthy of your continued support.

Support from Within

It is very touching when money is raised for us by our families. Richard Laurie and his family and their supporters held a dance night in memory of dear Thomas Laurie. The proceeds of the evening were split between three charities that supported Thomas during his all too brief life. ROSY received the fantastic gift…

Waitrose again help ROSY

We were selected as a charity to be supported by Waitrose as part of their Community Matters Programme and they did just that. The in-store collection from the Waitrose customers raised £439. In addition to that the staff held a collection for us which raised a further £245. it didn’t stop there!! Three of the…