The Rosy Ambition

At present we provide the funding for ten nurses, medical and sensory equipment and specialist toys, a limited counselling service and assistance to support a leisure facility for the sick youngsters and their siblings. As you will appreciate, the three hours per week that the nurses currently provide to most of the families barely gives the carers of our sick children an adequate chance to relax from the extreme stress of caring for a sick child and little chance to enjoy the normal family life that most of us take for granted.

Our ambition is to

  • At least double the availability of a ‘relaxation’ period for carers.
  • Equip the nurses and homes with the appropriate specialist medical equipment.
  • Provide suitable sensory equipment / toys for those children who can benefit from them.
  • Enable the carers to relax with others who have similar problems so that they can share experiences and realise that they are not alone.
  • Support the siblings of the sick children in any way we can for they are frequently the ‘forgotten ones’.